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Doing Kyd Conference

Doing Kyd

The conference was organised by the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance and The Capital Centre in April 2006. Hosted by the University of Warwick, this two-day event brought together editors, practitioners, researchers and academics who have been working on The Spanish Tragedy and on Jacobean drama more generally.

Presentations covered a wide and exciting range of topics: from textual performance to textual editing; from meta-theatre to film; from questions about enacting and vindicating revenge to questions of nationhood, more precisely on how Spanish The Spanish Tragedy is; from how you film the Jacobeans to how you build a website to aid the research and teaching process of The Spanish Tragedy.

For a detailed list of presentations see the conference Programme.

The list of guest speakers included Prof Philip Edwards – editor of the play in 1959 and the two current editors of the play - Dr Clara Calvo and Dr Jesus Tronch; Prof Jonathan Bate, Tony Howard, Eugene Musica, Prof Carol Chillington Rutter - specialists on the play’s page and stage life; the Exterminating Angel team: director Alex Cox and screenplay writer Tod Davies – currently working on turning The Spanish Tragedy into film; and the team constructing the website Thomas Kyd - The Spanish Tragedy (Dr Nicoleta Cinpoes, Robert O'Toole and Jonathan Stevens).

The event occasioned the first live test of the website on a varied audience of users - from students to scholars. During the two-hour workshop with e-Learning advisors on site, they had the opportunity to interact with and make their contribution to the construction of the website. The two days of active debate generated constructive feedback and a wealth of material that has been and continues to be fed back into the project. Part of it will appear in a collection of essays I am currently editing. Part of it is already available on this website as it documents the conference from its early stages through to completion and into its electronic life - see programme, poster, photos, live audio and video recordings.










Jonathan Bate on Enacting Revenge

Eugene Musica on Vindicating Revenge

Jesus Tronch on Editing Kyd in 2006

Workshop  Workshop  Workshop  Workshop

Alex Cox and Philip Edwards after a day of doing Kyd...

Pubbing after the first Kyd day

Editors editing and editions at the end of the conference

Kyd done: Tony Howard, Clara Calvo and Jose Ramon Diaz Fernandez

Techies toasting to Kyd: Jonathan Stevens and Robert O'Toole (back Eugene Musica and Paul Prescott)

Kyd well done...


Conference Announcement





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