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Production Cast - 1982

In order of speaking:

 Ghost of Don Andrea  Stephen Hattersley 
 Revenge       Peter Needham
 King of Spain    Nicholas Selby
 General of the Spanish Army/Hangman    James Hayes
 Hieronimo, Knight Marshal of Spain    Michael Bryant
 Balthazar, son to the Viceroy of Portugal      Michel Fenner
 Lorenzo, son to the Duke of Castile   Greg Hicks
 Viceroy of Portugal        Michael Beint
 Alexandro       Glenn Williams
 Villupo/Page     Derek Hollis
 Bel-Imperia, sister to Lorenzo     Patti Love
 Horatio, son to Hieronimo     Roger Gartland
 Ambassador of Portugal/Don Bazulto     Daniel Thorndike
 Pedringano, servant to Bel-Imperia    Joss Buckley
 Cyprian, Duke of Castile, brother to the King of Spain       Basil Henson
 Isabella, wife to Hieronimo      Janet Whiteside
 Third Watch/Servant      John Darrell
 Serberine, servant to Balthazar     Bev Willis
 Isabella’s Maid    Jessica Turner
 Bel-Imperia’s Maid     Natalie Caron
 Second Citizen           Ian Hurley
 Third Citizen    James Castle
 Percussion   Arthur Soothill


















Other parts played by the company:


Director                                                                         Michael Bogdanov
Designer  Chris Dyer
Lighting Leonard Tucker
Assistant Lighting Designer Ian Williams
Assistant Costume Designer   Claire Mitchell
Music  Henry Brown 
Tape realisation Bruce Hart
Staff Director Justin Greene
Fights Malcolm Ranson 
Voice Jenny Patrick
Production Manager  Jason Barnes 
Stage Manager    John Caulfield 
Deputy Stage Manager Sarah Parkin
Assistant Stage Managers

Sue Millin, Trish Montemuro, Alison Rankin, Brenda Thomas

Sound   Andrew Lillywhite 
Assistant Production Manager Martyn Hayes