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'A young energetic cast made this a fast-paced, vigorous production, with frantic but effective doubling and almost distractingly high-speed costume and accent changes. An atmospheric sound track of religious music and mad house cries added to bare boards staging which suited the in-the-round stage space. [...]

The production was remarkable for the crystal-clear delivery of the lines, which offered more clarity than the play itself does. [...]

Although De Flores merely suffered from red eyes, rather than any more serious disfigurement, Stephen Campbell Moore made him very much a suffering and passionate lover, who used to be an upright soldier, but had become derailed by passion. The early twentieth-century Spanish setting resulted in lots of mantillas for the women but army dress for most of the men. The emphasis was very much on the oppression suffered by women [...]

The production was exhilarating, action packed and generated a real sense that with energy and intelligence this play's staging challenges almost disappear.'

Elizabeth Schafer, RORD 40 (2001), 100-1