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Dr Paddy McNally - Publications

‘Rural Protest and “Moral Economy”: the Rightboy Disturbances and Parliament’, in Allan Blackstock and Eoin Magennis (eds.) Politics and Political Culture in Britain and Ireland 1750-1850: Essays in Tribute to Peter Jupp, Ulster Historical Foundation (2007)

‘William King, Patriotism and the “National Question”’, in Chris Fauske (ed.) William King and the Anglican Irish Context. Four Courts Press (2004)

‘The Eighteenth-Century Irish House of Commons’, Parliamentary History, 23, 3 (2004), 386-97 - [review article]

Articles for New Dictionary of National Biography and New Dictionary of Irish Biography.

‘The making of the Protestant Ascendancy, 1690–1760’, in HT Dickinson (ed.) The Blackwell Companion to Eighteenth-Century Britain. Blackwell (2002)

'"The Whole People of Ireland": Patriotism, National Identity and Nationalism in Eighteenth-Century Ireland', in Scott Brewster et al. (eds.) Ireland in Proximity. History, Gender, Space.  Routledge (1999)

'Wood's Halfpence, Carteret and the Government of Ireland, 1723-26', Irish Historical Studies, xxx, 119, (May 1997)

Parties, Patriots and Undertakers. Parliamentary Politics in Early Hanoverian Ireland. Four Courts Press (1997)

'Irish and English Interests. National conflict within the Church of Ireland episcopate in the reign of George I', Irish Historical Studies, xxix, no 115 (May 1995)

'The Hanoverian Accession and the Tory Party in Ireland', Parliamentary History, 14, 3 (1995)