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On Casting

"Simon is very strong as the doomed Vittoria, while the rest of the cast stands around as if waiting to be photographed by a fashionable if necrophiliac glossy magazine."
Sheridan Morley, Review, International Herald Tribune, 26 June 1991

"[A]part from [the decision to cast black actors] and some vague gestures towards Hammer House, this is a pretty straight production by Jacobean standards."  
Alistair Muir, Review, Time Out, 26 June 1991

"The entire Corombona family is played by black actors. Individually they are very good, but why this racial element was introduced is a little puzzling. Are we not, these days, meant to pass over without commenting the fact that a black actress may be playing, say, Juliet or Isabella?"
Christopher Edwards, 'Black and White', The Spectator, 22 June 1991


"It is a long way from the hoofer’s hotel, but no less a camp resort where nothing but style survives. What follows is not the play, but Prowse’s feverish vision of Webster’s world, a Sadean dream of luxurious cruelty, with the text thrown in as an optional extra […] Camp without comedy invites catastrophe."
Irving Wardle, 'The Straight Road to Base Camp', Independent on Sunday, 23 June 1991