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Reviews on Casting

“Jane Gurnett as Vittoria Corombonia … is superb. She manages to convey the arrogance of a woman embracing her fate with open arms, along with a suggestion of a fear of retribution”
Richard Edmonds, Birmingham Post, 28 April 1996

“Jane Gurnett gives a commandingly sexy performance as Vittoria, and cuts a defiant figure in the trial scene. Sadly, by the end she has been reduced to stagy sobs”
Charles Spencer, ‘Illuminations in a dark universe’, The Daily Telegraph, 29 April 1996

“The humour and the pathos largely spring from Richard McCabe, who gives a startling depth to … Flamineo- as McCabe plays him, he’s not simply a pander … and a fawn, but also a jester… Beneath the cruelty, McCabe conveys the cruelty and sensuality that drive Flamineo, at the same time suggesting how much he has sacrificed to ambition”
Robert Hanks, ‘The White Devil, The Swan, Stratford’, The Independent, 29 April 1996

“Flamineo is played here by Richard McCabe with an air of corruption you can almost smell.”
Charles Spencer, ‘Illuminations in a dark universe’, The Daily Telegraph, 29 April 1996

“Stephen Boxer as the Duke of Florence has a terrifying intensity and a voice to go with it. Mr Boxer is fire and ice in a manner one feels Webster originally intended”
Richard Edmonds, Birmingham Post, 28 April 1996

“The idea that Webster’s women are both strong-willed and victimised is reinforced by Teresa Banham’s unusually vehement portrayal of the wronged Isabella … when she takes on the moral responsibility for Brachiano’s rejection of her it is with a richly ambiguous mixture of altruism and anger”
Michael Billington, ‘Devilishly Good’, The Guardian, 29 April 1996

“Two new voices were particularly impressive. Philip Quast as Lodovico and Alisdair Simpson as Marcello … They were members of a tremendous company, providing a double-bill, the challenge of moral reversal and the excesses of a wild extravaganza”
Paul Lapworth, ‘The theme-park of death’, Stratford Herald, 2 May 1996