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Wealth and Power in the Renaissance

Friday, 31 May 2002
Room H545, Humanities Building, University of Warwick

Speakers will include:

  • Professor Robert Knecht (University of Birmingham):
    "Crown and Nobility in France and England"

  • Dr Francesco Guidi Bruscoli (Queen Mary's College, University of London):
    "A Milanese Bank in Bruges and London in the 1430s: Filippo Borromei e compagni"

  • Dr Tom Scott (University of Liverpool):
    "Wealth and Power in the Patriciate of Cologne, 1300-1500"

  • Dr Tony Antonovics (University of Bristol):
    "Late Arrivals: The Genoese as Papal Bankers in the Renaissance"

  • Professor Marcello Simonetta (Wesleyan University):
    "The Dukeless Duchy: Policy during the Milanese Regency, 1476-1480"

  • Dr Jonathan Davies (University of Warwick):
    "A Lost Elite: The Leaders of the Banking Guild of Florence, 1378-1530"

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