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The Neapolitan Phoenix: Heritage and Renewal in Renaissance and Early Modern Naples (1442-1647)
at Compton Verney Gallery, Warwickshire. Thursday 26th May 2016


09:45-10:15 Registration

10:15-10:30. Welcome: Ingrid De Smet and Steven Parissien (Director of Compton Verney)

Session Chair: Ingrid De Smet

10:30 Florence Bistagne. ‘O Franza o Spagna purché se magna’: pseudo-Guicciardinian misinterpretation and the construct of a Neapolitan identity.

11:00 Lorenza Gianfrancesco. Antiquity and civic identity in early modern Naples: historiography, iconography and politics

11:30-11:45 Break

Session Chair: Paul Botley

11:45 David Dominé-Cohn. Naples, Nantes, Guingamp. Circulation culturelles autour d’un modèle politique angevin entre XIVe et XVe siècle

12:15 Oren Margolis. After the Angevins: Their Legacy in the Humanistic Literature of Quattrocento Europe

12:45 Lunch
13:30-14:30 Gallery Tour

Session Chair: Lisa Sampson

14:30 Jean-Louis Fournel. Campanella, Naples et la pensée politique napolitaine du début du XVIIe siècle

15:00 Carlo Vecce. Et in Arcadia Neapolis. Naples in the Pastoral Imagery of the Early Modern Age

15:30-15:45 Break

Session Chair: Florence Bistagne

15:45 Thomas Denman. A Galleria of Literary Sociability in Early Seventeenth-Century Naples: The ‘Sala dell’ Academia’ in Giovan Battista Manso’s Palace on Via San Lorenzo

16:15 Carlo Caruso. Poetic celebrations of Neapolitan art collections, ancient and modern

16:45 Conclusion/closing discussion: Florence Bistagne

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