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Medievalists at Warwick

Medievalists at Warwick is a lively and active community of academic staff and postgraduates, drawn primarily from the English department and the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (French and Italian), which collaborates closely with Renaissance colleagues at the Centre. It has particular research strengths in medieval Francophone literature, including Anglo-Norman and Occitan, English and French hagiography, gender and sexuality in the Middle Ages, Dante's reception, vernacular Aristotle, crusading literature, Langland and manuscript culture, late medieval devotional and mystical writings in Middle English, and vernacular translation.

Regular events at Warwick

Medieval Seminar Series

Medievalists at Warwick runs the Medieval Research Seminar series (contacts: Louise Campion, Liam Lewis and Jane Sinnett-Smith), a regular programme of visiting speaker talks throughout the year, and the annual Medieval to Renaissance lunch. Last year's speakers included Elizabeth Eva Leach, Kathleen Neal, Tom Hinton, Linda Paterson, Anthony Bale, Marion Turner, and David Wallace. This year we will hear papers from Alex Russell, Miri Rubin, Jonathan Morton, Ryan Perry, Julia Boffey, and Christiania Whitehead.

Download the programme here.  

Medieval reading group

The Medieval Reading Group (organiser, Sarah Wood), meets termly to discuss recent critical material and primary material from the Middle Ages with an interdisciplinary dimension.

Medieval song at Warwick

This student-led project explores medieval song, in particular French crusading songs, as part of Professor Linda Paterson's project on Lyric Responses to the Crusades. The Medieval Song at Warwick group performed at a number of events during the academic year 2014-15, including a short lunchtime concert for the 'Hearing the Voice, Hearing the Soul' symposium on Friday 5 June, and a half-hour concert for the Warwick Student Arts Festival (WSAF) on Monday 22 June, at 6pm in the Warwick Arts Centre's Ensemble Room. The group sang a selection of Crusade songs, medieval French secular songs, and the Occitan Lai Nompar. The project has a blog where you can follow progress and updates.

Upcoming events and conferences

Medieval Women's Writing: Workshop

After the success of last year's event, we will again be running an afternoon workshop at the University of Warwick which looks at a selection of 'canonical' texts by women writers from England and beyond. The workshop is particularly aimed at students taking medieval undergraduate modules, and we will read a range of short extracts, as well as looking at other artistic and musical pieces created by medieval women. The workshop will take place on Wednesday 24th January 2018, 2-4 pm. The material we will discuss can be downloaded here .

Medievalists at Warwick consists of:

Dr Jenny Alexander (Art History)

Dr Emma Campbell (French)

Dr Daniel Gerrard (Foundation Studies/History)

Dr Amanda Hopkins (English and French)

Dr David Lines (Italian)

Professor Peter Mack (English)

Dr Marco Nievergelt (English)

Emerita Professor Linda Paterson (French)

Dr Christiania Whitehead (English)

Dr Sarah Wood (English)

Postgraduate community:

Louise Campion (PhD student, English)

Marija Krnic (PhD student, Theatre and Performance Studies)

Matthew Coneys (PhD student, Italian)

Merryn Everitt (PhD student, French)

Liam Lewis (PhD student, French)

Jane Sinnett-Smith (PhD student, French)

Please contact Liam Lewis (above) if you would like your name added to the list.

If you have anything you want us to tweet, please contact Liam Lewis.

You can now also find us on Facebook

Reassessing Courtliness in Medieval Literature pictureReassessing Courtliness in Medieval Literature

St Cuthbert praying by the river Tyne, BL Yates Thompson 26, fols 10v-11. © British Library

St Cuthbert praying by the river Tyne, BL Yates Thompson 26, fols 10v-11. © British Library

Jerusalem, ms. KB, 76 F 5, The Hague
Jerusalem, ms. KB, 76 F 5, The Hague, published with kind permission of the National Library of the Netherlands