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Sara Miglietti

In 2012, fresh from a PhD in Philosophy from the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and the Université Paris Descartes, Sara took the slightly crazy decision of embarking on a second PhD in Renaissance Studies at Warwick. It quickly turned out to be the best decision she could ever have made. Sara graduated from Warwick in 2016 after three deeply enriching years during which she was the grateful recipient of a DARO scholarship, funded by the Warwick alumni. She then went on to teach French Renaissance Literature at Johns Hopkins University (USA), where she was one of the leaders of 'Antiquity and Its Uses: Reception and Renewal', a collaborative project between Hopkins' Singleton Center and Warwick's CSR. In 2018, Sara left Hopkins to take on a new position as Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Intellectual History at the Warburg Institute in London. In this new capacity she helps teach the annual Warwick-Warburg Doctoral Training Programme and works to strengthen the traditionally strong ties between her alma mater and her new institutional home.


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Sara Miglietti