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Research Fellows

The CSR keenly supports Early Career researchers

We have hosted Fellowships and Research Associateships thanks to funding from the AHRC, the Leverhulme Trust, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the MHRA, and Warwick's own Institute for Advanced Study. Many of our former postdoctoral fellows and research associates have subsequently gone on to build successful academic careers.

Project-related postdoctoral fellowships, often for one, two or three years, are advertised via our own website, Warwick’s Human Resources department, and other relevant channels, such as

From time to time the CSR also selectively supports outstanding candidates for national and international funding schemes (such as the British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships, the Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships, Marie Sklodowska Curie, the AHRC Early Careers route or the Newton International Fellowships).

The CSR welcomes enquiries from prospective postdoctoral researchers. Before contacting us, please do check carefully the eligibility criteria and deadlines for any relevant scheme. All research proposals should fall within, or neatly complement, the current expertise and research interests of the CSR. Please see our staff list and research project pages for more details. We regret we will not be able to respond to last-minute enquiries.

The Warwick Institute of Advanced Study is designed to promote collaborative research projects of international calibre and profile. It operates across the full range of University Departments, Schools and Research Centres. Information regarding the research of our current IAS and Leverhulme postdoctoral fellows can be found by clicking on their names below.
Dr Xiaona Wang (Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship)

Xiaona has just joined the Centre in April 2021 as she embarks on a 3yr Leverhulme-funded fellowship, working with Dr Michael Bycroft. Her project is entitled, 'From Falling Bodies to Orbiting Planets: A New History of Gravity (c. 1200–1800)'.

Dr Claudia Daniotti (Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship)
Claudia joined the Centre in April 2020 for 3yr Leverhulme-funded fellowship, working with Dr Giorgio Tagliaferro. Her project is entitled, ‘Morally Ambiguous Ancient Women in European Art, c. 1350-1620’.

Dr Esther van Raamsdonk (British Academy Fellowship)
Esther joined the Centre in January 2020 as she embarks on a 3yr British Academy Fellowship, working with Dr Paul Botley. Her project is entitled, 'The Politics of Biblical Narrative in a Seventeenth-Century Anglo-Dutch Context’.

Dr Marta Celati (Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship)

Marta joined the Centre in October 2018 and her project is entitled, ‘The ‘Mirror’ of History. Prince and Tyrant in Italian Renaissance Literature, between Political Theory and Historiography’.

Dr Bobby Xinyue (British Academy Fellowship)

Bobby is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow working on Neo-Latin literature with Professor Ingrid De Smet. His project, ‘Redesigning Time: Ovid’s Fasti and the Politics of Renaissance Poetic Calendars’, explores how Renaissance writers from across Europe used the calendar as a literary form to advance rivalling ideas about cultural identity.