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Benefactor’s Small Research Awards

Thanks to a legacy from the late Dr Greg Wells, a mature MA and PhD student in the Arts Faculty, the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance is able to offer a number of small research awards of up to £1000, to foster interdisciplinary research in Medieval and Renaissance/Early Modern studies. Graduate students and early-career researchers (up to 3yrs post-PhD) as well as other members of staff in the Arts Faculty with a compelling project are welcome to apply. Eligible activities may include: travel to research libraries, archives or collections; a pilot study/activity towards a larger, future project or grant application; costs associated with a publication (copyright fees, professional services such as copy-editing or translation); conference or workshop organisation.

Topics must lie within the broad remit of the Centre of the Study of the Renaissance. Preference may be given to proposals that benefit more than just one individual and/or are related to Greg Wells’s own research interests, in Renaissance and Early Modern medical humanities and/or the study of Early Modern sources in Latin.

Proposals must contain a clear rationale and a justified budget and activities for this call must take place, or be pre-paid, by 1 July 2019. Successful applicants must acknowledge the Dr Greg Wells Research Award and the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance in any relevant publicity materials and publications. A brief report, preferably accompanied by a high-resolution image, will be expected within 1 month of completion of the project/activity. Please complete an application form and send to by the deadline of 5:00pm on Thursday 31st January 2019. Applications for this award are now closed.

During the inaugural year of this award (2017-18), three research students were awarded grants of varying amounts, and their reports can be viewed from links on the right-hand side of this page.

Reports by the Recipients of the Dr Greg Wells Small Research Awards 2017-18

Marija Krnić; Julian Richards;

Sophie Shorland