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Jacobo Güell Cruz

When I decided to specialise in Renaissance studies, I knew this MA offered by the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, at the University of Warwick, would give me not only the education I wanted, but also the experience of a lifetime. As a foreign student, I considered it a great opportunity to live in the UK for some time, but the term in Venice made the whole situation of living abroad even better than I had expected. When I was admitted to study this course in 2021, I feared the pandemic could be a serious problem. However, the University achieved to keep everything under control, making it possible to me to have a normal academic year.

I was taught various subjects through an inter-disciplinary method by wonderful teachers whose priority is that their students learn and develop their thinking and research skills in the best possible way. I was able to deepen my knowledge of one of my favourite topics, the Art of the early modern period, especially when I was in Venice for 10 weeks, where I could appreciate many pieces of artwork in relation to their original context. The term in Warwick also allowed me to be in touch with an interesting cultural atmosphere. The best part of both places is that I was able to share all these new experiences with other students whom I had just met and with whom I formed friendships, even from different disciplines or courses.

After finishing my course, I had to think carefully about what path to follow for my future. I had met several PhD students at the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance whose dedication and passion made me consider this option. However, I chose to develop my career in the field of museums, but only because I had worked previously in museums and I knew it was the right choice for me. In fact, soon after my course ended, I got a new temporary job in a museum in my country, where I could help to organise an exhibition that I will always be proud of, having written several texts that were praised, among other intellectual and creative tasks. While now I keep looking for new opportunities, I must say I am very grateful to Warwick for my personal and professional growth.