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Zoë Morrall (Taught Master's Degree, 2018-19)

I did my BA in English Literature at Warwick and loved the university so much I stayed to complete my MA in the Renaissance Centre. When people ask me about my MA, there is never a short answer because the degree was so multi-faceted. This is why I chose the MA and why I enjoyed it so much. Studying in Venice was a dream, and being there brought to life the history of art and history classes we took. There is something quite unique about discussing something in situ, standing in front of the painting or building rather than looking at it in a book or on a screen. It's marvellous! When we got back to Warwick, I wanted to write about Early Modern English drama and specifically Shakespeare. I was able to mould my classes to my interests, and wrote my thesis on "Shakespeare" the mythologised author, interpretive authority, and modern Shakespearean adaptation with specific reference to a 2018 production at the Donmar Warehouse in London - perhaps not what one would expect when I say I completed a Renaissance degree! Because so many teachers from across Warwick teach in the Centre, we had access to some of the best from departments including English and Comparative Literature, Art History, and History amongst others. It allowed me to continue working with some of my favourite teachers from UG. This MA really is what you want it to be, and Warwick is an incredible community to be part of.


Now, 5 months after finishing my MA I've started my career in the theatre, assistant producing on a production at Southwark Playhouse in London, and a play at Vault festival. My academic background has given me unique perspective and set of skills to offer in the creative industry. My time working on the Boar newspaper as a senior editor, and with the drama and filmmaking societies during my BA has given me incredible experience that I can carry forward. Whilst I'm currently producing, I want to continue working directly with the texts I love doing dramaturgical/text work or directing. Watch this space!


For those interested in the Arts after graduating, Warwick is such an exceptional place to be - where else does the drama society fund studio shows in the local Arts Centre? Warwick gave me a great education whilst never losing sight of the importance of learning to enrich and better myself, and simply the joy of learning to expand my mind. My time at Warwick was truly wonderful, and the community I built here - of my peers and my teachers - continues to enrich and support my life even though I've left the campus. I'm so grateful and proud to be part of this amazing university!"