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Taught Modules 2021-2022

Modules being offered in 2021-22 from participating departments

are subject to change, availability and numbers

Autumn Term (Oct-Dec) 2021. Relevant to both full and part-time students, Warwick-based, and are subject to confirmation

Compulsory CORE module: Renaissance Culture and Society (RS904-30) mostly Tuesday 10:00-12:00

Compulsory CORE module: Methodology Class (RS902-0) mostly Wednesday 14:00-15:30

One optional module to be chosen from the list below:

Spring Term (Jan-March) 2022. Full time students will take the following modules whilst in Venice:

Spring Term (Jan-March) 2022. Part-time students based at Warwick will have the choice of:

Summer Term (April-Sept) 2022

Compulsory CORE module: Dissertation (RS903-60)