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MA in Renaissance Studies (by research)

In addition to the taught MA in the Culture of the European Renaissance (>>more...), the Department also offers students the possibility of studying for an MA in Renaissance Studies on the basis of a programme of research carried out under the direction of a specialist member of the Centre.

The MA by Research differs from the taught MA in that students come fully prepared to engage in their own independent research and therefore already have a well-defined topic on which they wish to write, as well as the skills to carry independent research forward.

No course-work is required: students are only expected to submit a dissertation of 40,000 words. They may find it useful (and be required), however, to join other students on one of the core modules of the taught MA course (either the ‘Culture of the European Renaissance’ module, and/or the skills sessions). They are expected, like other postgraduates, to participate in the Centre’s activities and seminars. The MA by Research typically lasts 12 months (24 months if part-time), and is not considered to be an 'online' course.

At the end of one year of full-time study (two years in the case of candidates studying part-time), the degree is examined by a dissertation of up to 40,000 words (exclusive of appendices, footnotes, tables and bibliography).

  • For further enquiries about the MA in Renaissance Studies (by research), contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr Aysu Dincer on: