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 Research Interests

  • The advent and early days of printing
  • Social networks in a book historical context:
    authors - translators - patrons - printers - publishers - booksellers - readers
  • Publishing history of translations
  • Liminary material in Renaissance translations
  • Navigation manuals and corresponding travel accounts (16th-17th century)
  • Late-18th and 19th century English Literature, with a focus on women writers
  • Anglo-Dutch relations

Current Research

For my doctoral thesis I focussed on the social networks surrounding Renaissance translations of navigation manuals.

  • The corpus:
    all translations published between 1500 and 1640 in English and/or in England on the field of navigation
  • Discussion/Analysis:
    1. what was available in England in original English contributions
    2. what was available in England in translation
    3. gaps/overlaps: how do the translations supplement/influence/contradict the English works

The two main issues I will deal with are firstly paratexts and patronage, which will then lead me to the wider social networks.

  • Paratexts:
    titlepages, prefaces, notes to the reader, liminary poems, ... but especially dedications
  • Patronage:
    who were they dedicated to, how, why, with what implications, and by whom

  • Key agents:
    translators, dedicatees/patrons, printers, publishers, booksellers, intended audience/readers, merchant companies/communities, universities, ...
  • Social networks:
    identify meaningful clusters and relationships

In doing so, I established the importance of translation in the field of navigation and its role in Renaissance England.