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CSR PGR Work in Progress events

The CSR Work in Progress seminar is a hybrid event where the Centre’s PhD students present their research in an informal setting. Not limited to a specific theme or format, the seminar gives PhD students an opportunity to deliver a 15-30 minute paper and receive feedback from their peers, as well as an optional response from a member of the academic staff. PhDs from other faculties whose work touches on the Renaissance are also invited to submit proposals. If you would like to present your research at the CSR WiP, please fill in the form at

The CSR WiP is primarily intended for PhD students at Warwick. Where possible, applications from interested students at other universities are taken into consideration. Academic respondents are only available to Warwick students.

For those joining the meetings online please join the Teams Channel, Renaissance WiPLink opens in a new window

The seminar runs 3-4 times per term on Thursdays, full schedule below:
Term 1:

Thursday 26th October, 5-6pm (Week 4): Clive Letchford, 'Do What I Say: Padagogy and Self-Presentation', location: FAB 2.35 and online.

Thursday 23rd November, 5-6pm (Week 8): Christian Martens, 'Was François Hotman a Historian? Answers from his Polemical Works and his Iconography', location: FAB 2.35 and online.

Thursday 7th December, 5-6pm (Week 10): Karin Sprang, 'Rare Birds & Fast Friends: Interpreting Illustrations in Early Modern Alba Amicorum', location: FAB 2.35 and online.

Term 2:

Thursday 25th January, 1-2pm (Week 3): Eva van Kemenade, 'Sensory Crowd Politics: The Departure Rituals of Papal Legates in Early Modern Bologna'. Location: online.

Thursday 22nd February, 1-2pm (Week 7): Mathilde Alain, 'Writing, translating, rearranging: the traveller’s self and Italian scholars in Álvares’ account of Ethiopia (c.1540)'. Location: FAB 2.28 and online.

Thursday 7th March, 12-1pm (Week 9): Maialen Maugars, 'Exhibiting Italian Renaissance decorative art in late nineteenth-century Birmingham: significance, display, reception'. Location: FAB 5.03 and online.

Thursday 14th March, 2-3pm (Week 10): Alex Tadel, 'Between Friends: Mixed-Gender Humanist Exchange in the Letters of Isotta Nogarola and Damiano dal Borgo'. Location: FAB 1.07 and online.

Term 3:

Thursday 25th April, 1-2pm (Week 1): Riccardo Brighenti, 'Tomaso Zefiriele Bovio's Trialogi on Astrology: A Text, Its Contents, and Its Context'. Location: online.

Thursday 9th May, 1-2pm (Week 3): Valeria Cesaraccio, '(Self-)Portrayals of Teachers and Students in Sixteenth-century School Exercises and Manuals'. Location: FAB 1.13 and online.

Thursday 6th June, 1-2pm (Week 7): Wanxin Du, 'The Legislation on Arms Control in Tuscany, 1572-1685: Some Observations on Legislazione toscana'. Location: FAB 1.13 and online.