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Connections, Convergences and Disjuncture - the Joint Histories of Seventeenth-Century and Eighteenth Century England/Britain and English/British America, 1650-1750

The overall aim of the series of workshops is to arrive at a genuine collaboration between established scholars and postgraduates/early postdoctoral researchers in late seventeenth and early eighteenth century English/British and British American history. The workshops will explore how Early Modern English, British and British American history can be reunited. Our working assumption is that closer links between the two areas of historical research would have a beneficial effect on how we understand English, British and English American history in the late seventeenth century and will help reunite seventeenth and eighteenth century historiographies. The workshops will pay particular attention to the crucial period between 1650 and 1750 when the politics, societies and cultures of both England/Britain and British America were transformed, leading to a century of growth, prosperity and possibly stability, in both regions of the British Empire. The fundamental assumption under-girding these workshops is that one cannot understand the development of either Early Modern Britain or colonial British America without a deep understanding of the numerous connections which linked them together.

The programme of activities consisted of:



Fellowship report Stephanie Koscak

Fellowship report Elizabeth Bouldin