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Warwick Research Fellowships + Research Visits to US Archives / Libraries

Reading Publics 2012-13 - funded by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation

Gabriella Addivinola

Gabriella Addivinola (University of Warwick)

'Readings of the Liber de causis in the Renaissance: Nicholas of Cusa and Johannes Wenck'


 jason baxter

Jason Baxter (University of Notre Dame)

'The Legacy of Cristoforo Landino’s Dante'

matthew champion


Matthew Champion (Queen Mary, University of London)

'Reading the Fasciculus temporum across Fifteenth-Century Europe'

 giacomo comiati

Giacomo Comiati (University of Warwick)

'The influence of Horace on the Vernacular and Neo Latin
poetry of the Sixteenth-century Italy'

jacob halford


Jacob Halford (University of Warwick)

 david hitchcock

David Hitchcock (University of Warwick)

jonathan olson


Jonathan Olson (University of Liverpool)

'The Enlargement of Reprints in Sixteenth-Century European Print Culture'

 sarah parker

Sarah Parker (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

'Autobiography, Medicine, and the French Wars of Religion'

Paola Tome


Paola Tomè (Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice)

'Greek studies and lexicographical aims in Giovanni Tortelli's Orthographia'

 naomi wood

Naomi Wood (University of Warwick)

'Piety Promoted': The everyday lives and experiences of Quaker women in a transatlantic religious community, c.1650-c.1750

 Chance Woods

 Chance Woods (Vanderbilt University)

'Transcribing the Ineffable: Mysticism and Print Culture among English Catholics in Early Modern Europe'