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Management and Resolution 21-22 May 2015 at the University Ca' Foscari, Venice


Having explored, in the previous two workshops, the forms that Renaissance conflict and rivalries took, as well as the spheres in which they took place, we will dedicate the May 2015 workshop to the issue of how conflict and rivalries were managed and resolved.

Research questions | Full programme | Downloadble programme flyer | Downloadable poster/flyer 

Confirmed speakers include:

Roswitha Simons (Bonn): ‘Information policy and propaganda during the Burgundian war'

Marc Laureys (Bonn): ‘The making and breaking of Edward Lee: Erasmus's conflict management revisited'

Wim François (Leuven): ‘Reading the Bible in the Vernacular? Erasmus’ Divinationes, Supputationes and Appendix against the Parisian

Claudio Povolo (Ca’ Foscari): 'Vendetta e banditismo: la violenza ai confini'

Marco Sgarbi (Ca’ Foscari): ‘Aristotele e la stampa: eclettismo e risoluzione dei conflitti'

Roberta Giubilini (Warburg Institute): ‘Guillaume Postel and the Idea of Universal Harmony as a Means to Overcome Religious and Cultural Divisions'

Claudia Daniotti (Warburg Institute): 'Alexander and the Family of Darius in Renaissance European Art'

Claudia Wedepohl (Warburg Institute): 'Church and/or Pantheon: the Tempio Malatestiano Revisited'

Jonathan Davies (Warwick): ‘Responses to Violence at the Universities of Pisa and Siena'

Penny Roberts (Warwick): 'Conflict Resolution during the French Religious Wars'

David Lines (Warwick): ‘Managing Academic Insubordination at the University of Bologna'

Concetta Bianca (Florence): '“Domicilium sapientiae”: il sogno dei curiali'

Luca Boschetto (Florence): '"Domus veritatis et aequitatis". Il tribunale della Mercanzia e la risoluzione delle controversie commerciali nella Firenze laurenziana'

Florence Alazard (Tours): ‘Negotiating the Venetian Absolution: Conflict and Discussion, Rome, 1509-1510'