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Court Festivals of the European Renaissance: Art, Politics, and Performance

Edited by Ronnie Mulryne and Elizabeth Goldring


Ronnie Mulryne (University of Warwick)


Early Modern European Festivals: Politics and Performance, Event and Record
Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly (University of Oxford)

The Past Becomes the Present

The Renaissance Triumph and its Classical Inheritance
Margaret McGowan (University of Sussex)

Festival in France

Court Festival and Triumphal Entries under Henri II
Richard Cooper (University of Oxford)

Etiquette and Architecture at the Court of the Last Valois
Monique Chatenet (L’inventaire général, Paris)

The Politics of Festival at the Court of the Last Valois
Nicolas Le Roux (University of Paris IV—Sorbonne)

The Financing and Material Organisation of Court Festivals under Louis XIV
Chantal Grell (University of Versailles)

Charles V and Philip II: Festival and Ceremony

The Two Coronations of Charles V at Bologna
Bernhard Schimmelpfennig (University of Augsburg)

Charles V’s Journey through France, 1539-40
R. J. Knecht (University of Birmingham)

‘Greater than Zeuxis and Apelles’: Artists as Arguments in Philip II’s Antwerp Entry of 1549
Jochen Becker (University of Utrecht)

Ceremony in England

The Funeral of Sir Philip Sidney and the Politics of Elizabethan Festival
Elizabeth Goldring (University of Warwick)

‘And the King of Barbary’s Envoy Had to Stand in the Yard’: The Perception of Elizabethan Court Festivals in Russia at the Beginning of the Seventeenth Century
Victoria Musvik (Moscow State University; The Warburg Institute)

The Performance of Festival: Music, Theatre, and Event

Rites of Passage: Cosimo I de’Medici and the Theatre of Death
Iain Fenlon (University of Cambridge)

Musical Aspects of Court Festivals of the Early Italian Renaissance
Nicoletta Guidobaldi (Centre d’Etudes Supérieures de la Renaissance, Tours)

Music and Festival in a City without a Court: Spanish Naples from Charles V to Philip V (1535-1702)
Dinko Fabris (Conservatorio di Bari/Royal Holloway College, University of London)

Music in Ferrarese Festivals: Harmony and Chaos
Flora Dennis (University of Cambridge)

Checklists for Philostrate
Roger Savage (University of Edinburgh)

Festival and Architecture

The First Temporary Triumphal Arch in Venice (1557)
Maximilian L. S. Tondro (University of Cambridge)

The Decorations of the Moment: Temporary Ceremonial Architecture in Prague, Vienna and Cracow from the Sixteenth to the Early Seventeenth Centuries
Marina Dmitrieva-Einhorn (Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum fuer Ostmitteleuropa, Leipzig)

The Theatrum for the Entry of Claudia de’Medici and Federigo Ubaldo Della Rovere into Urbino, 1621
Peter Davidson (University of Aberdeen)