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Big thank yous are due to:



• Elizabeth Clarke for inspiring the project and for securing the funding.

* Clare Doyle for all her hard work editing a large selection of the poems and producing the film of 'Hester Pulter's Hertfordshire'.

• Robert O'Toole for his help with and support for the technical side of things.

• Amanda Hopkins for sharing her knowledge and experience of creating and running a similar project.

• The University of Warwick Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund (TQEF) who funded this project.

* The University of Warwick Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme who funded Clare's work on the project.


• And in particular to all of the second-year students who contributed such great annotations:

Claire Ashurst

Katherine bell

Madeleine Beresford

Alexandra Blake

Sophie Brandicourt

Carl Cerny

Priya Darshini Chakrabartty

Jeni Christie-Brown

Nick Collins

Gemma Connell

Emma Conway

Charlie Cosham

Leah Cowan

Octavia Cox

Helen Dalton

Fflur Davies

Clare Doyle

Alexandra Dziegiel

Laura Fairchild

Charlotte Fraser Annand

Fleur Frederick

Maria Fsadni

Marianna Georgallis

Claudia Iannessa

Amardeep Kaur

Oliver Lyons

Hannah McCarthy

Anna McCormack

Jessica Moreton

Celeste Mottahedin-Fardo

Francesca Nyman

John-Edward Pearson

Samantha Pollitt

Katie Reid

Chloe Riley

Carlos San Martín Cuesta

Margherita Seccia

Katie Sheldrake

Robin Stevens

Helen Swan

Stephanie Taylor

Natasha Thomas

Naomi Warren

Helen White