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Emblem 20

Who can but pitty this poor Turtle Dove
Which was soe kind and constant to her Love
And since his Death his loss shee doth Deplore
For his dear sake and shee'l never Couple more
When others Wanton blood doth Nimbly Flow 5
Warm'd with the Spring, hers then runs cool and slow
Nor Vallentine though t'is a Tempting Tide
Can make her say her Chast resolv's aside
Not like that Wanton and Licentious Bird
Who loosing one a second and a Third 10
Like that Prodigious, Bedlam, Belgick, Beast,
Who had a score of Husbands at the least
A bitter Thraldome shee deserves to have
Who beeing Freed soe Oft, would bee a slave
Shame of her Sex! oh let her Loathed Name 15
Bee ne're inroled in the Booke of Fame.
But let Alcestis, and Artimitius, story
Bee still Remembered to her endles Glory
Some Deboras, and Annas, Sure have been
But in this age of ours few such are seen 20
Then Ladyes immitate this Turtle Dove
And Constant bee unto one onely Love
Then if your Husbands rant it high and Game
Besure you Double not their Guilt and Shame
Leave of Hide Park, Hanes, Oxford Iohns, and Kate 25
Spring, Mulbery Garden, let them have a Date
Buy not these Follyes at soe dear a Rate
These Places I know onely by their names
But t'is these places which doe blast your Fames
Who would with their dear reputation part 30
To Eat a scurvey Cheescak or a Tart
For such poor follyes who abroad would Roame
Have wee not better every day at home
They say to plays and Taverns some doe goe
I say noe Modest Ladyes will doe soe 35
Though Countis, Dutchis, or Protectors Daughter,
Those Places haunt, their Follyes run not after
Bee Modest then and follow mine advice
You'l find that Vertue's Pleasanter then Vice
Yet Anchorites I would not have you turn 40
Nor Halcions, nor bee your Husbands Urn
But Chastly live and rather spend your dayes
In setting Forth your great Creator's praise
And for diversion pass your Idle times
As I doe now in writeing harmles Rimes 45
Then for your Honnours, and your fair souls sake,
Both my example, and my Councell take,
Infine love God, the fountain of all good
Next those ahe'd by Mariage, Grace, and blood,
Toelets live here in Chast and vertuous love 50
As wee'le goe on Eternally above
Then o my God assist mee with thy Grace
That when I die I may but chang my place.



Turtle Dove