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Emblem 26

Those that imployed are the Apes to catch
The places where they Haunt they Use to watch
Stockings, and Cloths about the Ground they scatter
Then instantly the apes begin to chatter
And beeing ambitious to bee in the Fashion 5
Just as wee immitate our neighbour Nation
They draw them on, the Huntsmen then they see
Then every ape begins to take a tree
But up they could not get for all their pains
They strait were caught and led away in Chains 10
Thus those which took a Town once from the Moors
Through their ambition were inslav'd to Boores
Symirimus that was old Ninnis Love
T'was her ambition turnd her to a Dove
Crook'd backs ambition made five Monarchs Yield 15
Whose score he pay'd again in Bosworth Field
Ambition made one O his soveraign Kill
And to mak't good much Innocent blood to spill
But ther's a Nemuses that will look Down
On all Usurpers of their Masters Crown 20
Soe Jezabell bid furious Jehew see
The Cursed End of Nimries Treacherie
Photion the Royall Family subdued
And in their Princely blood his hands imBrewed
Which horrid action hee and his all Rued 25
Andronicus that made his soveraign Bleed
Cryed out at Last don't bruise a bruised Reed
Soe Diocles the fateall Boar puld down
And triumph'd in his Murther'd Masters Crown
Till finding it too heavie lay'd it by 30
But yet for all hee by the sword did Die
Pompias ambition would noe superiour have
Hee lost his hopes in Ægypt found a grave
Cæsar noe Equall ever would abide
Hee had his aime yet by the senate Died 35
Ambition made the Trumviry end
When each to other sacrificed his Freind
Ambition made the Ephory give or’e
And kick’d King, Lords, and Commons out of doors
Thus all Confusion from ambition springs 40
Apes would bee men, and all men, would bee Kings
Then by this Emblem it doth plain apear
T’is best for every one to keep his Sphere.



Richard III












Death of Jezebel