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Emblem 4

Vertue once in the Olympicks fought a Duell
Her Second Wisdome that transcendent Jewell
Fortune Couragiously did her oppose
And Giddily for second, Folly chose
The sad Spectators griev'd to see this Fray 5
Fearing that vertues side would win the Day
Thus pittying Fortune, and her Fellow, Folly.
The Citty Cockneys satt most Melancholly.
But see the Fate of Warr, Fortune was Blind
And Madly lay'd about her Foes to Find 10
Nor car'd on who, or where her blowes did lite
Folly as bravely did maintain the Fight
Not valueing what shee did or what shee said
And now the people that where soe afraid
Gan to rejoyce, then vertue shee gave place 15
Wisdome drew back with slow but modest pace
Then Acclamations made the Welken Ring
Peans the People unto Fortune Sing
Folly with Fortunes help did wear the Crown
Vertue with Wisdome both were Hissed down 20
Then let none by succes Judg of the Cause
For Wee have liv'd (ay mee) to see the Laws
Of God and Nature basely Trampl'd on
When bold Impiety the Vict'ry won
And such a king kild at this Isle before 25
Did never see nor never will see more
Unles our God his Princely Son restore.