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Emblem 48

When Royall Fergus Line did rule this Realm
My Father had the Third place at the Helme
Out of the Privie Kitchin came his Meat
Of sixteen Dishes hee might dayly Eat
All things that were in season out were sought 5
Amongst the rest they Welfleet Oysters Brought
Which being set ready till my Father Comes
A Mous leaps on the Table for the Crumbs
Then Skipping up and down her Tayl did Glide
By chance betwixt the Shels, T'was then full Tide 10
The Oyster Feeling one within her Hous
Clapt close her doors, and thus shee Catch'd the Mous
Oh that I now could speak the Mecian Tongues
Or Frogian Language but I want such Lungs
As hee that writ the dismale bloody Fights 15
Betwixt the Frogian and the Mecian Knights
Surely noe Weomen and I think few Men
Can dance soe well as hee with feet and Pen
But hee those Tongu's as I have heard did seek
Before hee Learnd the Latin or the Greek 20
But now the Captive Mous her dubious Fate
In my own Mother Tongue I must relate
As her imprisonment came by a Flow
Soe the next happy Tide did let her goe
O wonderfull who would have ever thought 25
That from the Deliane Twins help should bee brought
Then let us learn while Flesh doth here immure
Our Sinfull Souls, not think our Selves Secure
As this dul Fish was Torn up from A Rock
This Spritely Mous in Prison thus to Lock 30
Soe from a vulgar one may rise to Raign
That many a Noble Spirit may restrain
This is too true, Yet let them patient bee
For Tide, or Time, or Death, will set them free.
Then trust in God, Extoll him Day, and Night: 35
For Sun, and Moon, and Stars, shall for thee Fight.