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Emblem 9

When Scornd Medea Saw Cruesa led
A Bride to her ungratefull Spouses Bed
Shee Vow'd reveng hid underneath a smile
Which did the Royall Virgin soe beguile
That shee Receiv'd of her the Robe and Crown 5
And overjoyed put on the Napthian Gown
But putting holy Incence in the Fire
The Pallas soone became her Fun'rall Pier
The Fierce Med'ea with her Dragons Flew
Killing her Children in their Fathers view 10
Oh Horrid! Shee (even shee) that gave them Birth
Stab'd those sweet Boys then Flung them to the Earth
Her mad Impiety did rise thus Far
To dare the Gods to doe as much by Her
Poor Ariadna did not soe when shee 15
Fair Phedra in falce Jasons arms did see
When shee forsaken was on Naxus shore
The Pitty of the Gods shee did implore
Then Liber Pater took her for his Spous
With Nine refulgent Orbs he Crownd her brows 20
Soe though afflictions doth thy soul surround
Yet trust in God thy Patience will be Crownd
Then let this Flameing Fabrick Warn all those
That injure others not to trust their Foes
But oh my Enemies within mee bee 25
Then From my self Dear God deliver mee.