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Getting Started

You've been assigned a poem (or poems) by your seminar tutor; now what?


1. We would like you to supply all the usual kind of information that you would find in the footnotes of an edited text, eg. glosses of difficult/archaic words; information about historical figures etc. Have a look at a couple of contemporary editions just to get the feel for the things you need to look out for (the John Carey edition of Milton: The Complete Shorter Poems is a good place to start).

2. Have a look at the sample provided here. These notes are a bit longer than those we're expecting from you but they'll give you the general idea.

3. Go through your poem(s) mark up anything you think needs annotating.

4. Use the Research Tips and Research Resources pages (links on the right hand side of the main site) to find this information.

5. Complete the Submission Form and send the information to me. I will make any necessary editorial changes and will upload your annotations onto the site. Your seminar tutors will have set you a deadline for the submission of this work; for my groups this is the first seminar of next term.

6. Any questions/complications/problems with the site: EMAIL ME!!

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