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To Aurora

Look up sad eyes behould the smileing Morn
How shee her Golden tresses doth adorn
With sparkling Gems and Roses redolent
And July flowers whose aromatick sent
Perfumes the World look but up and see 5
Trust mee her beuty will inamour thee
Shee is soe sweet soe young soe Heavenly faire
With blushing cheeks clear eyes, and curling Haire
View that fair breast which in her prime of youth
Gave nourishment unto Eternall truth 10
Oh that I once could see that lovly sight
Astrea naked in the arms of Light
But oh I ne're can see it till above
I am involv'd in endles Joy and Love
View then those Robes which doth her limbs infold 15
Rich purple fring'd with never wasting Gold
Pale Cinthie doth her sickly beuty shrow'd
And for a vaile shee wears a sable Clowd
And all the other Glittring Globes of Light
Contract their beams, and trundle out of sight 20
Had I liv'd on the Multiplicity
Of Heathen Gods, my chief felicity
Would surely bee rich Temples to adorn
Unto the riseing luster of the Morn
Juno, Belona, and the Queen of Love 25
And shee whose Daughter turned into a Dove
Ould Berecinthia and her numerous brood
Cruell Diana pleasd with Virgins Blood
With wandring Ceres all these would I sleight
And victims offer unto none but Light 30
Blew Doris, and her Floating froathy train
Lucothia that in stately Thebs did Reign
Ises, the Cow, the Goddes, and the Maid
Even all that on the wavey Empire swayed
Nor should shee Olympick Jupiter invoke 35
Because her alters did noe oft\n/er smoke
For I with Incence would soe clowd the skies
That should obscure the Luster of her Eyes