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The Center

Oh that the splendent and Illustrious sun
Round whom the Planets triple motions run
Diurnall, annuall, Trepedation
Yet that all Quickning Orbs keeps still his station,
Whilst they about this Throne Dance each his measure 5
According to the Great Creators pleasure,
Oh that his Influence, his Heat, his Light,
Would clasp this Globe, that these sad shades of Night
Might his our Horiscope involve noe more
Nor mee the loss of Day sor oft deplore, 10
Now half our time in horrid Night is lost,
The other halfe twixt hope and feare is tost,
Till paine and Griefe (oh curst communian
Twixt soule and body) doth dissolv the union,
The Death triumphant doth perform his lust 15
Grindeing in (spight) our very bones to dust,
Then shuts us in Oblivious sable Womb
Our infant Cradle, now our ages Tomb,
Till infinite Power and Love our dust shall raise
To sing in Joys his everlasting Praise, 20
But though the sun bee Center unto all
And out Earth's motion makes him rise and fall
Yet! must his Orb confine my thoughts alsoe
Must they (aye mee) must they noe higher goe,
Since first I saw a Glimps of Heavenly Joy 25
Mee thinks this World is but a trundleing toy
And all those Glittring Globes that shine like fier
Are Lights hung out to Light my thoughts up higher
To him that doth the Univers involve
Whose word creates, whose breath doe all dissolv, 30
Even him that totall Nature doth surround
The thought of whom doth my poor soul confound
Aye mee! who can invisible light behould
Or can Eternity his age betold
If I to contemplate his Glory venter 35
Rottennes into my bones doth enter
Holoo my thoughts to native earth descend
For thy ambition in the dust must end
Yet wee may by the beuty of the Creature
Conceive the Glory of the Great Creator 40
He whose incomprehensible power
Did make the Talest Tree and smalest Flower
Even lofty Cædars that on Mountains Grow
And humble Daisies which in valleys blow
The Elephant and Whale hee doth dissect 45
The Despecablest Reptell or incect
Then will I heare my few and evill dayes
Make him the summe and Center of my Praise