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The complaint of Thames 1647 when the best of Kings was imprisoned by the worst of Rebels at Holmbie

Late in an evening as I walk'd alone,
I heard the Thames most sadly make her moane.
As shee came weeping from her western spring,
Shee thus bewaild the learned shepherds king.
Amintas sad Amintas sits forelorne 5
And his faire Cloris now's become the scorne
Of Troynovants in greate licentious Dames
Noe merveile then of poore aflicted Thames
With salt abortive teares dos wash this Citty
As full of Blood and lies as voyd of pittie 10
Perfidious Town know thou the power of fate
Thy long felicitie shall find a date
And I may live to see another turn
When thy proud fabricck shall u\n/pittied burn
Then Heaven Just Heaven withhold thy raine 15
And I will leave my channill once againe
As when my holy Albians blood was spilt
Seeing to wash away thy Horrid guilt
Is more impossible then tis to change
The skins of Negros that in Aphrick range 20
Then when thou fryest in vengfull flames of fire
Thy scorched genious reddy to expire
Thy Tongue and mouth sable as Salamander
With speaking gainst thy King and Queene such slander
Then not a drop of my coole Cristall Wave 25
To coole thy sulpherous Tongue or life to save
But when I have of thee seene all my lust
And all thy pride and Glory Turn'd to dust
Then I Triumphant with my watery traine
Will make this Cittie Quagmires once againe 30
But o thy Blood and Perjuries repent
Then Heaven I hope in mercie will relent
Thy King restore call whom\e/ his Queene againe
Or all thy prayer and fasting is in vaine
Hast thou forgot (aye me) soe have not I 35
Those Halcion dayes the sweete Tranquillity
That wee enjoyed under his happy Reigne
Which Heaven will once restore to us againe
Unles the dismale line of dissolution
(Which ô forbid) bee drawn upon this Nation. 40
Oft have I born upon my Silver Brest
His lovely Cloris like Aurora drest
With youth and beuty with her Princely Spouse
Envied I was by severn Humber Owes
The sacred Dea said shee noe more would boast 45
Her shewing Conquest on the conquering Coast
Though Edgares Glory from her River Springs
When hee in Triumph by eight Captive kings
Was Rowed upon her famous Crist\i/all streame
Those former Honours shewed now like a dreame 50
Nay the Danube said shee would ner’e rehearse
Her being biggest in the Universe
Even Tagus would not brag of Golden sands
But said shee envied more my happy strands
Soe said the Loyer in envie Poe tooke on 55
Though shee were Honour'd by a Phaiton
And Ægipts Glory Nillus stately streame
Said her felicities were but a dreame
When on her or'e flowing waves were seene
The Roman Eagles and her black ey'd Queen 60
And silver Gangers said the sacrifice
The Banians brought with elivated eyes
Though all theire Carcases by fire calcin'd
Were in her Purifieing Waves refin'd
Though all theire wealth and Treasure in they hurl'd 65
And shee were Lady of the Eastern World
Yet all that Glory shee did count a toye
Compar'd shee said with happy Thames her Joy
Tiber said of Horatias vallure brave
Shee ner'e would speake but I the praise should have 70
Cristall euphratus never did envie
The Glory of noe other flowde but I
Though from a Thousand Founts her streame doth spring
Yet did shee never beare soe good a king
Through lofty Babilon her River flowes 75
And earthly Paradice shee doth inclose
Though brave Symerrimus enlarge her fame
Yet doth shee envie still the English Thame
But now alas they envie me noe more
But with theire Teares my heavy loss deplore 80
Oft have I born my sacred soveraings Barge
Being Richly guilt most proud of such a charge
My waves would swell to see his Princely face
Each billow loth to give his fellow place
Sometimes they would rise to kis his Royall hand 85
And hardly would give back at my command
Billow with billow strive and ruffling Rore
Scorning the blow of either hand or owre
But now insulting on my billowes Ride
The Kingdooms schourg’s and this Citties pride 90
Which make my Trembling streame lamenting Rore
And her sad loss with troubled brest deplore
Com kind Carib'd is Com and ô com and help's
Sweete lovely Scilla bring thy barking whelps
Then should they need noe Monument nor Tombe 95
But ocianus darke and Horrid Womb
Should them involve but wishes are invaine
I will Rore out my griefe unto the Maine
Now all the bewty that my Waves adorne
Are snowey swans that sadly swim forelorne 100
Nor doe they in the sun theire Feathers Prune
As they were wont, nor yet theire voices Tune
But in dispaires hanging theire head and wing
This Kingdomes Derges they expireing sing
Ô That itt in my Power were to refuse 105
To see this Towne like Cristall Arethuse
Below this curssed Earth twould hide my head
And run amongst the Caverns of the Dead
Where my pure Wave with Acharon should mix
With Leathe, Phlegethon, Cocîtus, Stix; 110
Then would I waste them to the Stigian shade
Examples unto Reybels to be made
Ô my sad heart these are but foolish dreames
For they Triumph upon my Conquer'd streames
Yet this I'le doe while sighs breaths up my spring 115
I'le trickle teares for my aflicted King
And looke how fare one drop of Cristall Thames
Doth run, so fare I'le Memorise theire Fames:
Soe shall my griefe imortalise them Names.
I hearing these complaints Though time to sleepe: 120
Satt sadly Down and with her gan to weepe.