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A Solitary Complainte

Must I bee still confind to this Sad Grove
When as those vast and Glorious Globes above
Eternally in treble Motions Move
Thrice happy Hermes moves in endles day
Beeing underneath the suns illustrous Raie 5
Next Lovly Venus swiftly Hurries Round
The Suns Bright Throne, with equall Luster Crownd
Next Tellus to whom Sol his Light Extends
Runs round his Orb, Fair Cinthia her attends
Whom hee Irradiates with constant Light 10
Though shee apears soe various to our sight
Mars soldiar Like, noe Sabboath ever knowes
For round the Fount of Light hee ever goes
Then Jupiter attended like a King
Four Raidient Moons hee in his Train doth bring 15
Saturn as many Following his Huge Spheir
At least noe more to our dim sight apear
All these in Circle Phœbus glorious Mound
By whom with splendour all these Stars are Crown'd
But whether this sun his Influence doth owe 20
Unto som other sun, none sure doth know
But every Orb his Fellow doth illustrate
For non the ends of Nature dares to frustrate
Thus all those Suns and Stars for ever move
About the Fount of Life, and Light, and Love 25
Then o my God Iradiate my sad soul
That I about thy Glorious Thron may rowl
Let mee the meanst of these stars attend
Then all my raise in Prais shall reascend
For thee and onely thee I will adore 30
My God my God for ever, ever more.