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To Sir William D.[avenant]

Extreamly I deplore your loss
You'r like Cheapside without a Cross
Or like a Diall and noe Gnoman
In pitty (trust mee) I think noe man
But would his Leg or Arm expose 5
To cut you out another Nose
Nor of the Female sex thers none
But'ld bee one Flesh though not one Bone
I though unknown would sleight the pain
That you might have soe great a gain 10
Nay any Fool did hee know itt
Would give his Nose to have your Wit
And I my Self would doe the same
Did I not fear t'wold Blur my Fame
I as once said a Gallant Dame 15
My Nose would venture not my Fame
For who but that Bright eye above
Would know twere Charity not Love
Then Sir your Pardon I must Beg
Excuse my Nose accept my Leg 20
But yet besure bot night and Day
For mee as for your self you pray
For if I First should chance to goe
To visit those sad shades below
As my Frail Flesh there putrifies 25
Your Nose noe doubt will sympathize
But this I fear least that blind Boy
Which Fate descend (Yet such a Toy
may take the Chit) should shoot again
Then the Next loss would bee your Brain 30
Some Coy Young Lass you Might adore
Which would prefer some base Medore
And all your Witt and Titles sleight
Imbrace a Page before a Knight
Then should some Noble minded Freind 35
Astolpho like to Heaven ascend
And having search'd neare and Farr
And found your most capacious Jarr
Then beeing with Joy returnd again
You could not then snuf up your Brain 40
Though all your strenght you should expose
You want the Organe cal'd a Nose
Prodigious the knight remains
Withous or Nose, or Fame, or Brains,
Then a bold ordinance strook the Title of 45
Thus the proud Parces sit and at us scofe
What now remains the Man at Least
Noe surely nothing left but Beast
Then Royall Favour glu'd it on again
And now the Knight is Bon-di'de and in grain 50
Then Trample not that Honour in the Dust
In beeing a slave to those are slaves to Lust.