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On the Kinge most excelent magisty

Victorious Palm, triumphing Lawrell Bowes
Encircles round illustrious Cæsars Browes
Whose valour fills with wonder future story
Whilst Vertue Crowns him with immortall Glory
Let Pallas sacred Olive Tree still Grow 5
To shade his Throne, whence truth and Peace may flow
Down to our Humble Orbs; O let him live
Still to receive from Heaven, to us to give
And let us Lovly, Loyall, Royall Queen
To all succeeding ages still bee seen 10
A most unparrild pattern of turn Love
Begun on earth ending in Heaven a bove
O let them in their shineing spheirs bee fixt
And never with Prodigious Metoars mixt
But by the Primuumobile turn'd round 15
Lasting as Delia's let their race bee Found
And when these Glittring Globes are all Dissolv'd
Let them in endles Glory bee involvd
Till when let Grace and blessing from above
Descend on them and all that doe them love. 20