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On that Unparraleld Prince Charles the first. his Horrid Murther

(1) Those glittring Globes of light which grace
The vast Expantion, when they leave theire place
Or hide theire Radiant heads, wee never wonder
Theire place and splendenti's supplid’e by number
But should the sun forsake the line Ecliptick 5
Then totall Nature would be Epiliptick
Just so's our case since Royall Charles did die
In horrid, Trembling Trances now wee lie.
(2) Coye Asaph may her sparkling splendor hide
Four hundred years, yet wee noe change abide 10
And sad Electra may her beuties turn
Away from us, yet non but Illium burn
But if the Sun in darknes be involv'd
Ould Natures fabrick would be soon dissolv'd
En'e soe (Aye mee) since sacrid Cæsars death 15
Our spirits exhale in sighs wee turn to earth.
(3) Those Oviparos Brothers soe ador'd
By Navigators, would bee deplor'd
By non but them nor doe wee care or feare
The one or both of them at once apeare 20
But if the sun should lose his heat and light
Wee should invaded bee with Death and Night
Soe since our Martred sovere'ngs spirits fled
Our light, and life; our hopes, and Joyes, are dead
(4) Nay should the Poles or Axes of the skie 25
Their Raidient luster unto us denie
Or Cinthia cease to wane or to increase
Wee should subsist, t'wold not disturb our Peace
But should we loose the influence of the sun
All into Chaos instantly would run 30
Soe since our king's above in glorys Crownd
Anarchicall confution doth surround
This fatall Isle and Devils here will dwell
As antiantly and turn this place to Hell
Unles our God doth a second Charles illustrate 35
Which (oh denie not) all our hopes are frustrate.