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On those two unparraleld friends, Sir G Lisle and Sir C Lucas

Is Lisle and Lucas slaine? Oh say not soe
Who could kill love and valour at a blow?
Just as Minervas darling clos'd his eyes
Love kissing wept and on his bosome dies
Ah me what horrid Hidra had the hart 5
Them in theire deaths thus to unite and part
Mars on the Areopagie once was tried
His vallour sav'd him or elce had died
His Judg and Jurie were the best of Gods
These worst of Men, Ô me what ods 10
Had Joves three sons of everlasting fame
Borne of a mortall and Celestiall flame
Had they bin here this busines to deside
Then these too Noble Gallants had not died
Or had Astreus (lover of the Morn 15
Of whose bright womb her brighter babe was born)
Had hee bin here hee would have took delight
To save theire lives that for his Child did fight
Then had theire Judges bin the Gods eternall
Or upright Men, nay or the powers Infernall 20
This unambiguous busines to deside
Then this unparaleld friendship had not died
But Jewes, Turks, Atheists Independents all
That Curssed Rabble, made these gallants fall
How could they do it were they not amazed 25
When as the cruall Parcie sat and Gazed
On theire perfections as Lachis drew the thred
What won’t you part a sunder then shee se'd
They striving in theire lives to imbrace each other
Shee twirl’d and twisted both of them together 30
Then Clotho at theire constant love did wonder
And in meere pitty pul'd them not asunder
Shee being it seems the Tenders't hearted Lass
Goe noble soules shee said, and let them pass
But Atropas inrag'd began to chide 35
Saying these trew loves knots must be untied
But seeing theire Lives shee could not stay to untwixt
Let those sit Idleing here (shee said) that list
How can wee give account unto those powers
That us imploy, in trifleing out our howres 40
Then scolding at her sisters for theire sloth
Shee with her fatall Cizers snipt them both
Shee then cryed out, alass but hurring fate
Forced her poore Girle, her pitty came too late
Licaon Tantall tender to his brood 45
Who fed on Hostagis and Infants blood
Why are they now more cruell then at first
They'r Drunk with Christian blood yet still they thirst
Doth that ould Vulture and his preying brood
Think to grow young with sucking spritely blood 50
Oh let them next suck Nessus’s poys'nd gore
Like mad Alcides let them Rave and Rore
And as they have bin three Kingdooms sore annoyers
Let them like him at last be selfe destroyers
Had these undaunted loving Heros died 55
In former times they had bin Deified
Then theire Renown and love had spread as fare
As those two famous Thunder bolts of War
Effigies, Piramids, Collumns, Collosses
Had bin erect to memorise our losses 60
But wee are now denied our Just desires
Trew gratefull love in this our age expires
Yet som sad swan I know there will be found
That for this onely action shall bee Crond
That shall beare lovely Lisle, and Lucas name 65
Unto the Temple of Eternall fame
When that black Armie after theire short Dreame
Shall floating bee on Stix his Sable Streame
They by the Angrey billowes shall be tost
Till in oblivians Horrid Womb ther'e lost 70
If hee that fired Dianas Phane for fame
Lost both his expectation and his name
If covetous Cambices who presum'd
To rob the Gods till sand his mem consum'd
Or that Fierce Gaule who Delphus ment to plunder 75
Till firey Phebus routed him with Thunder
If these live now in Honour then noe doubt
Fame shall attend this sacrilegi’us rout
Who have our Faiths defender over powerd
And Temples, Alters, Victims, all devourd 80
But these victorious soules live now above
And gloriously goe on in Endles love
Whil'st theire faire frames which here did close theire lives
Shall live in fame till they in Glory rise.