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My Love is Fair

And is thy Love soe Wonderous Fair
Hath shee Hersillias shineing Hair
Junos Count'nance Pallas eye
Full of awfull Majestie
In Loves story dost thou Find 5
Cupid with one Glance strock blind
Doth her cheeks excell Auroras
And her Fragrant breath sweet Floras
Venus Ruby Lips and smile
That a stoick would beguile 10
Gallitea's Neck and Breast
On which Idalias Boy doth rest
Doth her shoulders Pelops pass
Or Pigmalians Ivory Lass
Doth her Ellegant sweet speeches 15
Most command when shee beseeches
Like Diana Taul and Chast
And as slender when imbract
Doth her Beuty Phoebus darken.
Doe the spheirs stand still and hearken 20
When shee quavers on the vial
Like the sunbeams on the Diall
Doth she Govern Fate and Chance
To her Musick doth Time Dance
And when shee doth Touch a Lute 25
Doe the Muses all stand Mute
Is shee of Saturnian Issew
Are her Lims wrapt up in Tissew
Her Hidden parts like Aphrodite
But as Coy as Amphitrite 30
Why then Philanthropas bestride
And after her a Woing Ride.















The goddess Flora