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On the Same [1]

Tell mee noe more, her haire was lovly brown
Nor that it did in Curious curles hang down
Or that it did her snowey shoulders shrowed
Like shining Cinthia in a sable Clowd
Tell mee noe more of her black Diamond eyes 5
Whose cheerfull looke made all my sorrowes flie
Like Glittring Phebus Influence and light
After a Northern Winters halfe years Night
Tell mee noe more her cheeks exceld the Rose
Though Lilly leaves did sweetly interpose 10
Like Ruddy Aurora riseing from her bed
Her snowey hand shadeing her Orient he'd
Tell mee noe more, of her white even Nose
Nor that her Ruby Lipps when they disclose
Did soe revive this drooping heart of mine 15
Like Golden Aples on a silver shrine
Tell mee noe more her bre’sts were heaps of snow
White as the swans, where Cristall Thams doth flow
Chast as Diana was her virgin Bre'st
Her noble Mind can never bee exprest 20
This but the Casket was of her rich soule
Which now doth shine above the highest pole
Tell mee noe more of her perfection
Because it doth increase my hearts dejection
Nor tell mee, that shee past her happy dayes 25
In singing Heavenly and the Muses layes
Nor like the swans on Cristall Poe
Shee sung her Dirges ere shee hence did goe
Nor never more tell my sad soule of Mirth
With her I lost most of my Joyes on earth 30
Nor can I ever raise my drooping spirit
Untill with her those Joyes I shall inherit
Those Glories Glories which our finite thoughts transcend
Where wee shall praises sing World without end
To him that made both her and mee of Earth 35
And gave us spirits of Celetiall Birth
Tell mee noe moe, of her Unblemished fame
Which doth Immortalize her virgin name
Like fragrant odours aromatick Fumes
Which all succeeding ages still perfumes 40
Nor why I mourn for her aske mee noe more
For [all] my life I shall her loss deplore
Till infinite power her dust and mine shall raise
To sing in Heaven his everlasting praise.