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The Perfection of Patience and Knowledg

My Soul in strugling thou dost ill
The Chicken in the shall lies still
Soe doth the Embryon in the Womb,
Soe doth the Corps, within the Tomb,
Soe doth the Flower, sleep in its Cause 5
Obedient all to Natures Laws
But tho'art still striving to bee free
As if none were in Bonds but thee
Though for a time thourt cloath'd with earth
Er'e long thoult have a happy Birth 10
The Chirping Bird will Break its shell,
The infant Leave it's Loathed Cell
The sleeping Dust will rise and speake,
And will her Marble prison Break:
The Flower her beuty will display; 15
And my infranchised soul, away
Beyond the skie, will take her flieght,
And rest above the spheirs of Night;
In everlasting Life and Light
Scorning this Dunghill Globe of Earth: 20
Shee'l goe from whence shee had her Birth
But (O my Soul) once more, return
And call mee in my silent Urn.
But if a sleep I then am found,
Jog mee, and say the Trump doth sound; 25
Then will I rise and fly away,
With thee to everlasting Day:
Then shall our griefe and past annoys,
Bee swallowed up of infinite Joys
Then beeing perfect and sublim'd, 30
Wee shall discern this Globe Calcin'd
Then shall wee know these Orbs of Wonder,
Which in a maze wee now live under.
And why sad Saturns heavie eye,
Frowns on mee with Malignancie. 35
And why Conjunctions should foreshew,
Som mighty Monarchies overthrow.
And by what (swift and infinite) Power,
Sol runs Three Hundred Miles and Hower
And Why pale Cinthia, doth soe change 40
Her Lovly face, as shee doth range
All Night, a Hunting in the shade,
And how fair Venus, can bee made
Hesperus, in the Orient:
And Vesperus, in the Occident. 45
Or whether Etheriall Fier doth Burn,
Or that this Terren Globe doth turn,
The sun being Center unto all,
And that hee nere doth rise or fall,
Or whether they have a treble Motion, 50
Of which wee have soe smale a Notion.
All this (and more) wee then shall know
Which are such wonders here below.
But which will most increase our Joys,
(Compared with which, these will prove toys) 55
Our unknown friends wee then shall know,
Even those (aye mee) wee lost below.
Nay wee shall know (without which all is none)
The eternall essence, even as wee are known.