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This was written 1648

Sad, sick and Lame, as in my Bed I lay
Least Pain and Passion should bear all the sway
My thoughts beeing free I bid them take their flieght
Above the Gloomey shades of Death and Night
They overjoyed with such a Large Commission 5
Flew instantly without all intermission
Up to that spheir where Nights Pale Queen doth run
Round the Circumference of the Illustrious sun
Her Globious Body spacious was and Bright
That Half alone that from Sols Beams had Light 10
The other was imured in shades of Night
Nor did shee seem to mee as Poets fain
Guiding her Chariot with a silver Rein
Attir'd like som fair Nimph or virgin Queen
With naked Neck and arms and Robes of Green 15
Love sick Endimion oft hath thus her seen
But as my thoughts about her Orb was Hurld
I did perceive shee was another World
Thus beeing in my Fancie raisd soe fare
This World apear'd to mee another star 20
And as the Moon a shadow Casts and Light
Soe is our Earth the Empres of their Night
Next Venus Usher to the Night and Day
Her ful Faced Beuty to mee did Display
Some time shee Waned then again increase 25
Which in our humours caus or War or Peace
My fancie next to Mercury would Run
But craftily hee popt b'hind the sun
A wonder t'is the medium beeing soe Bright
His splendencie should bee obscur'd by Night 30
Nor could I Sols refulgent Orb discrie
His raidient Beames dazled my tender eye
And now my Wonder is again renewed
That hee enlightening all could not bee vewed
Yet to my Reason this apeard the Best 35
That hee the Center was of all the rest
The Planets all like Bowls still trundling round
The vast Circumference of the Glorious Mound
Hee resting quickens all with Heat and Light
And by the earths motion makes our Day or Night 40
Next Jupiter that Mild auspicious starr
I did perceive about his Blazing Carr
Four bright attendents alwayes hurrid Round
Next Flagrant Mars where noe such Moons are found
Then Saturn (whose aspects soe sads my soul) 45
About whose Orb two sickly Cinthias rowl
Then on the Fixed stars I would have Gazed
But their vast Brightnes soe my Mind amazed
That my afrighted Fancie Downward Flew
Just as the Howers Auroras Curtain Drew 50
At which the Uglie Wife of Accharon
Bid drive and slashed her Drousey Monsters on
With Her there went her first born Brat old errour
And Fierce Eumenedes poor Mortals terrour
Who with their snakes, and whips, and Brands were hurld 55
To strike amazement to the Lower World
Beeing scard themselves at the approach of Light
To our antipodes they took their Flieght
Sins Cursed ofspring with their Dam did Trace
That most Prodigious incestious Race 60
Pale Gastly shudring Horrour, lost despair
And sobbing sorrow, tearing of her Hair
These of her sable Womb were born and Bred
And from the Light with her now frighted fled
And then my Mayds my Window Curtains Drew 65
And as my Pain soe Comforts did renew
Unto the God of truth, Light Life, and Love
Ile such Layes Here begin shall end above