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The Weepeing Wishe January 1665

O that the tears that tricle from mine eyes
Were plac'd as blazeinge Commetts in the skies
Then would their numerous and illustrous raise
Turn my sad nights into the brightest dayes
O that the sighs that breath from my sad soule 5
Might Flie above the highest starr of Pole
Unto that God that vews my dismale story
Even Hee that Crowne my dieinge hopes with Glory
O that my tears that fall down to the earth
Might give some noble unknown Flower berth 10
Then would Hadassahs more resplendent Fame
Out live the Famous Artimitius name
The Iris tricles tears from her sad eyes
And from their salt her ofspringe doth arise
But my abortive tears descend in vaine 15
For I can never see those Joyes againe.
Hart's briny tears a Beazur doth condence
Oh lett mine eyes whole Floude of tears dispence
That I a cordiall to my Friends maye give
Then tho I die, yett I maye make them live 20
I gladly would this good to them impart
Tho in the doeinge itt itt breaks my hart
Then lett my dieinge tears a Cordiall prove
Seeinge I my Friends above my life doe love.