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Why art thou sad at the aproach of Night

Why art thou sad at the aproach of Night
My Melancholly soul
Should not obscurity and cheerfull Light
After each other Rowl
For as sad Gloomey shades doth follow Light 5
Soe after Life wee die
But Death at last is Conquered quite
O happy Victory
Ther's nothing like dayes desolution
Within my Mind soe Rife 10
Mee thinks it is like the Revolution
Of Life and Death and Life
Come cruell Lachtsis and Clotho both
Come shew your outmost spite
Mee thinks you twirle and twist, as Loth 15
To come and doe mee Right
For seeing the voice of nature doth rehears
That Revolution
Is the preserving of the Univers
From Desolution 20
What need I care then when I doe expire
Although I turn to Dust
Seeing totall Nature still is kept intire
Inall her Actions Just
Then let Erinnys and her Cursed Train 25
Scare those that feare their Might
Their blazing Brands and Vipers Vain
Shall mee noe More Afright
For as I gladly in my quiet Grave
Will lay mee down to rest 30
As in the Finest downey bed I have
In Causses all sleep best.