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Text fragment: Act III, Scene XII

Enter Hieronimo, with a poniard in one hand, and a rope in the other 1


Now sir , perhaps I come and see the King;
The King sees me, and fain will hear my suit. 2
Why, is not this a strange and seld-seen thing, 3
That standers-by with toys should strike me mute? 4
Go to , I see their shifts , and say no more. 5
Hieronimo , ’tis time for thee to trudge . 6
Down by the dale that flows with purple gore 7
Standeth a fiery tower; there sits a judge 2 8
Upon a seat of steel and molten brass, 9
And ’twixt his teeth he holds a fire-brand , 10
And leads unto the lake where hell doth stand. 3 11
Away, Hieronimo , to him be gone! 12
He’ll do thee justice for Horatio ’s death. 13
Turn down this path , thou shalt be with him straight ; 14
Or this, and then thou need’st not take thy breath. 4 15
For if I hang or kill myself, let’s know: 17
Who will revenge Horatio’s murder then? 18
No, no! Fie, no! Pardon me, I’ll none of that. 19
And, Balthazar , I’ll be with thee to bring, 6 22