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Conference Announcement

Doing Kyd

an interdisciplinary, two-day conference on Thomas Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy

to be held at the University of Warwick

April 26th-27th 2006


This two-day event brings together editors, practitioners, researchers and academics who have been working on The Spanish Tragedy and on Jacobean drama more generally. Presentations will cover a wide and exciting range of topics: from textual performance to textual editing; from meta-theatre to film; from questions about enacting and vindicating revenge to questions of nationhood, more precisely on how Spanish The Spanish Tragedy is; from how you film the Jacobeans to how you build a website to aid the research and teaching process of The Spanish Tragedy.

The list of guest speakers includes Prof Philip Edwards – editor of the play in 1959 and the two current editors of the play - Dr Clara Calvo and Dr Jesus Tronch; Prof Jonathan Bate, Tony Howard, Eugene Musica, Prof Carol Chillington Rutter - specialists on the play’s page and stage life; the Exterminating Angel team: director Alex Cox and screenplay writer Tod Davies – currently working on turning The Spanish Tragedy into film; and the team constructing the website Thomas Kyd - The Spanish Tragedy (Nicoleta Cinpoes, Robert O'Toole and Jonathan Stevens).

It is anticipated that this conference will attract participants with a specialist interest in Jacobean drama - academics, editors, theatre practitioners, students at all levels, teachers and education staff in universities, libraries, archives, theatres. Aims and objectives:

  • to bring editors, academics and practitioners together to debate
  • to use the conference as a venue for displaying the website as it currently stands, knowing that the conference itself would generate material to be added to the website;
  • to generate feedback in a dedicated session with e-lab technicians on site, inviting the participants to ‘play’ on the website, comment, alter, contribute.
  • to use the debate as input for the website;
  • to stimulate collaboration and interaction throughout the development of the website;
  • to disseminate selected findings via an essay collection.