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Props list

charge sheet (Indictment of Pedringano)

cross-hilt sword

5 letters (code S) sealed

1 letter (code C) sealed

1 love letter

prayer book

small blood dagger (retractable)

2 nuptial candles

4 pouches of gold coins

king’s chair with red cushion

board with title of playlet

board with ‘Rhodes’ on the side

2 easels


leg clamp

branding iron

8 straight backed chairs

throne/torture chair

Spanish battle standard

Iron Maiden

1 declaration (code K)

1 bond (code J)

1 lease (code L)

1 set of hand manacles

2 single manacles with chain and hooks

letter ‘To My Lord Lorenzo’ (code F)

letter ‘to be delivered by hand to Don Lorenzo’ (code E)

letter ‘The Humble Supplication of Don Bazulto…’ (code H)

walking stick

map of Seville

chest of gold

cymbal and stand


hammer and block of wood

2 drum batons

2 upright percussion instruments

Chinese piano

Mini harp and tuner

Drum, strap and 2 drum sticks

2 music stands

1 tambourine

rope noose

3 watch poles

portable desk with paper and quill pen

bower bench

bower with roses

1 letter (code C) unsealed

bunches of bushy herbs (2/performance)

Seneca book

Red silk sheet

3 retractable blood daggers

play script folio with 4 copies of playlet

tongue (piece of steak) (1/performance)

blood capsules (1/performance)

‘More’ cigarettes (5/performance)

banquet table with red drape and white centre cloth

9 plates

8 tankards

1 goblet

3 knives (ordinary butter knives)

3 large jugs

3 small bowls

3 large fruit bowls

3 large platters




fruit (oranges, melons, grapes, peaches)

hanging platform

small black stool

2 rucksacks

4 flamboes


cage covers for incense

bloody handkercher

captured Portuguese battle drape

pardon box

roots (2)

King’s chain

Bel-Imperia’s black glove

bloody writ

surrender document (scroll)

Long thin dagger with belt and frog

*Armoury included in costume list