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Project Team

Section Editors, Advisors and Translators

DR SIMON ADAMS (Strathclyde): Material relating to Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.

DR JAYNE ARCHER (Aberystwyth): Details and Articles; Gift lists and accounts of the royal household; Gesta Grayorum (1594); the household book of Lord North (1575); material relating to the Inns of Court; the writings of Queen Elizabeth I.

MR RICHARD ASHDOWNE (New College, Oxford): Latin translator.

DR MARGARET BECKETT (St Andrew’s): John Leslie’s Oration (1574).

DR JANE BELFIELD: Queen Elizabeth’s relations with John Dee.

MS HELEN BROAD (Warwick): French translator and consultant.

DR MARTIN BROOKE (Sherborne School): Latin translator.

MR TIMOTHY CHESTERS (Queen’s College, Oxford): French translator.

PROFESSOR PATRICK COLLINSON (Trinity College, Cambridge): Material relating to the death and funeral of Queen Elizabeth I; material relating to Mary Queen of Scots.

DR MARIE-LOUISE COOLAHAN (Galway): Material relating to Lady Jane Grey; Queen Elizabeth I at Theobalds.

DR DAVID CRANKSHAW (King's College, London): Queen Elizabeth and Archbishop Parker.

DR NEVILLE DAVIES (Birmingham): The Queen’s entertainment at Elvetham (1591).

DR FAITH EALES (Warwick): Material relating to Elizabeth's childhood.

DR JANET FAIRWEATHER (Cambridge): Greek translator.

DR SIMON GILSON (Warwick): Italian translator.

DR ELIZABETH GOLDRING (Warwick): The Wanstead entertainment (1578); material relating to the death and funeral of Sir Philip Sidney; the Kenilworth entertainment (1575).

DR LAWRENCE GREEN (Warwick): Poems dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I; the Spanish Armada (1588); ‘A New Year’s Gift’; Sorrowes Joy (1603); The Right Way to Heaven (1601).

PROFESSOR PAUL HAMMER (St Andrew’s): Material relating to the Earl of Essex.

DR GABRIEL HEATON (Sotheby's): The Woodstock entertainment (1575); the Queen’s entertainment at Harefield (1602); Justs at the tilt-yard (1590); the Queen's entertainment at Cowdray (1591); masques performed before Queen Elizabeth I; Queen Elizabeth's entertainment at Bristol (1574); Queen Elizabeth's visit to Hawstead (1578); Queen Elizabeth I at Worcester (1575); the progress into Essex, Suffolk and Hertfordshire (1561); Queen Elizabeth I at Warwick (1572); Queen Elizabeth I at Gorhambury (1577); A Series of Triumphal Justs; Queen Elizabeth I at Hunsdon House (1571); Queen Elizabeth I at Coventry and Kenilworth (1565); Queen Elizabeth I at Osterley (1578).

DR FELICITY HENDERSON (Darwin College, Cambridge): Oxford and Cambridge verses on the death of Queen Elizabeth I.

PROFESSOR LISA HOPKINS (Sheffield Hallam): The memoirs of Robert Carey.

DR JILL HUSSELBY (Warwick): John Norden’s description of the palaces of Queen Elizabeth I.

DR SARAH KNIGHT (Leicester): Material relating to the University of Oxford.

DR WILLIAM LEAHY (Brunel): The coronation of Queen Elizabeth I.

DR ELISABETH LEEDHAM-GREEN (Darwin College, Cambridge): Material relating to the University of Cambridge.

MRS MARGARET MIDGLEY (Warwick): Latin translator.

DR PETER MCCULLOUGH (Lincoln College, Oxford): Advisor on sermons.

DR DAVID K. MONEY (Wolfson College, Cambridge): Ovations and speeches by Eton scholars at Windsor, 1563

DR AGNES JUHASZ-ORMSBY (Toronto): Material relating to Anne Boleyn.

DR DAVID PARROTT (New College, Oxford): Negotiations for the marriage of Queen Elizabeth I and the Duke of Anjou (1581); Entertainments in France (1572); The French King’s investiture with the Garter; Henry Goldwell’s A Briefe Dedication (1581).

PROFESSOR GRAHAM PARRY (York): Advisor on peerages and ceremonial titles.

MR JULIAN POOLEY (Nichols Archives project): Advisor on Nichols and his antiquarian milieu.

DR LYNN ROBSON (Oxford): Elizabethan royal proclamations; material relating to the Elizabethan parliament; material relating to the office of Lord Mayor of London.

DR SARAH ROSS (Massey): Material relating to John Chamberlain; Queen Elizabeth I at Bissam, Sudeley, and Ricote (1592); Material relating to the Clifford family.

DR CAROL RUTTER (Warwick): Material relating to the character of Queen Elizabeth I.

DR ALEXANDER SAMSON (UCL): Lecturer in Golden Age Literature

DR JASON SCOTT-WARREN (York): Material relating to John Harrington.

DR HELEN SPURLING (Sheffield): Hebrew translator.

PROFESSOR DANA SUTTON (California, Irvine): Latin translator and consultant.

DR MICHAEL ULLYOT (Toronto): Material relating to Prince Henry.

PROFESSOR HELEN WATANABE O’KELLY (Exeter College, Oxford): Entertainment of the Landgrave of Hessen (1596).

DR GILLIAN WHITE (Warwick): Material relating to the royal houses and palaces.

DR PHILIP WITHINGTON (Aberdeen): Edward Hake’s Oration (1586).

DR MATTHEW WOODCOCK (UEA): The Queen’s entertainment in Suffolk and Norfolk (1578); Queen Elizabeth I at Norwich (1578).