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Text Sections

TS 1 Material relating to Elizabeth’s childhood.

TS 2 Material relating to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I.

TS 3a Material relating to the death and funeral of Queen Elizabeth I.

TS 3b Oxford and Cambridge verses on the death of Queen Elizabeth I.

TS 4 New Year’s Gifts and related material.

TS 5 University entertainments.

· TS 5a Cambridge material.

· TS 5b Oxford material.

TS 6 Nichols’ editorial material.

TS 7 The works of Queen Elizabeth I.

TS 8 The letters of King James VI of Scotland.

TS 9 Records of the Stationer’s Company.

TS 10 Churchwardens’ accounts and parish registers.

TS 11 The Wanstead Entertainment, 1578.

TS 12 Queen Elizabeth I at Norwich, 1578.

TS 13 Queen Elizabeth I’s entertainment in Suffolk and Norfolk, 1578.

TS 14 Material relating to the negotiation of marriage between Queen Elizabeth I and the Duke of Anjou, 1581.

TS 15 Material relating to Mary Queen of Scots.

TS 16 Material relating to Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.

TS 17 Poems dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I.

TS 18 Tiltyard entertainments.

TS 19 The Queen’s entertainment at Cowdray, 1591.

TS 20 The Queen’s entertainment at Elvetham, 1591.

TS 21 Material relating to Prince Henry.

TS 22 Gesta Grayorum (1594).

TS 23 Material relating to John Harrington.

TS 24 The Queen’s entertainment at Harefield, 1602.

TS 25 Material relating to John Chamberlain.

TS 26 Material relating to William Lambard.

TS 27 Material relating to the Earl of Essex.

TS 28 Entertainment of the Landgrave of Hessen, 1596.

TS 29 Masques performed before Queen Elizabeth I.

TS 30 Queen Elizabeth I at Bissam, Sudeley and Ricote, 1592.

TS 31 Material relating to Queen Elizabeth’s entertainment at Bristol, 1574.

TS 32 Queen Elizabeth I’s visit to Hawstead, 1578.

TS 33 Extracts from the household book of Lord North, 1575.

TS 34 Gabriel Harvey’s Gratulationum Valdinensium (1578).

TS 35 Queen Elizabeth I at Worcester, 1575.

TS 36 Ovations and speeches by Eton scholars at Windsor, 1563.

TS 37 The Progress into Essex, Suffolk and Hertfordshire, 1561.

TS 38 Material relating to the Inns of Court.

TS 39 Entertainments in France 1572.

TS 40 Queen Elizabeth I in Warwick, 1572.

TS 41 Queen Elizabeth I’s relations with Archbishop Parker.

TS 42 Queen Elizabeth I’s relations with John Dee.

TS 43 Queen Elizabeth I at Gorhambury, 1577.

TS 44 The French King’s investiture with the Garter.

TS 45 Henry Goldwell’s A Briefe Declaration (1581).

TS 46 A Series of Triumphal Justs.

TS 47 Henry Sidney’s visit to Shrewsbury, 1580.

TS 48 Material relating to the visit of Baron Alasco, 1583.

TS 49 Edward Hake’s An Oration (1586).

TS 50 Material relating to the death and funeral of Sir Philip Sidney, 1586.

TS 51 Material relating to the Spanish Invasion, 1588.

TS 52 Queen Elizabeth I at Theobalds.

TS 53 Expenses of Sir Henry Unton’s embassy to France, 1591.

TS 54 The memoirs of Sir Robert Carey.

TS 55 Material relating to the Clifford family.

TS 56 ‘A New-Year’s Gift’.

TS 57 Elizabethan royal proclamations.

TS 58 Woodstock entertainment, 1575.

TS 59 The Kenilworth entertainment, 1575.

TS 60 John Nichols’s prefaces to Elizabeth.

TS 61 Material relating to Anne Boleyn.

TS 62 Material relating to Lady Jane Grey.

TS 63 The Oration of John Lesley, Bishop of Ross.

TS 64 John Norden’s description of Queen Elizabeth’s palaces.

TS 65 Material relating to the Elizabethan Parliament.

TS 66 Material relating to the office of Lord Mayor of London.

TS 67 Queen Elizabeth I at Coventry and Kenilworth, 1565.

TS 68 Queen Elizabeth I at Hunsdon House, 1571.

TS 69 Material relating to the character of Queen Elizabeth I.

TS 70 Queen Elizabeth I at Osterley, 1578.

TS 71 Richard Vennard’s The Right Way to Heaven (1601).

TS 72 Accounts of Dinners, 1573.

TS 73 Material relating to the royal palaces and houses.

TS 74 Cambridge poems on the death of Queen Elizabeth I and the accession of King James I.