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Nichols Panel at the 2004 RSA

Contributors to the John Nichols project took part in a Nichols panel at the 2004 meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, 1-3 April 2004. The panel, entitled 'Elizabethan and Jacobean Progresses: The Editions of John Nichols', was chaired by Dr Elizabeth Clarke, Director of the Nichols project, and featured three 20-minute papers:

Dr Jayne Archer (Warwick): 'The Queen's Gifts: Queen Elizabeth I and the Politics of Gift Giving'.

Dr William Leahy (Brunel): '"Her Spiritual, Mystical, Transforming Power": The Reception of Elizabeth I on Summer Progress'.

Mr Julian Pooley (Surrey History Centre): 'A Pioneer of Renaissance Scholarship: John Nichols and the Progresses of Queen Elizabeth and King James'.