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Alan Farmer and Adam Zucker, The School of Compliment (Love Tricks)

Nandini Pandey, The Maid's Revenge

Anthony Parr, The Wedding

Teresa Grant, The Witty Fair One

The Grateful Servant/Faithful Servant

The Humourous Courtier (The Duke)

Eugene Giddens, The Traitor

Christa Jansohn and Anthony W. Johnson, Love's Cruelty

Helen Ostovich, he Ball

Eva Griffith, Changes, Or Love in a Maze

Brett Greatley-Hirsch, Hyde Park

The Bird in a Cage (The Beauties)

Eugene Giddens, The Gamester

Rebecca Bailey, The Young Admiral

Ian Burrows (with Hester Lees-Jeffries),The Example

Peter Happe, The Opportunity

The Coronation

The Lady of Pleasure

The Duke's Mistress

Deana Rankin, The Royal Master

Teresa Grant, The Constant Maid (Love Will Find out
the Way)

Rebecca Yearling, The Doubtful Heir (Rosania, or Love's

Lucy Munro, The Gentleman of Venice

R.D. Fraser and Andrew Hadfield, The Politician

Scott Maisano and Robert Lublin, St Patrick for Ireland

Karen Britland, The Imposture

The Arcadia

Anthony W. Johnson (with Aleksi Mäkilähde and Tommi Alho), Grammars